Major League Liberty’s goal is to call out hypocrisy, lying and doublespeak wherever it exists. We believe that America is the greatest country on earth. We believe in the rule of law and revere our Founding Fathers and the Christian principles that helped craft our Constitutional Republic. In the past, you have followed our livestreams and podcasts. With MAJORLEAGUELIBERTYUSA.COM, we are now proud to bring you bold and engaging written content. No lies, no spin, no agenda... JUST THE FACTS! As always, we must remember that LIBERTY ALWAYS PREVAILS.


Logan Schwarz

Logan Schwarz - Liberty Logan Co-founded the Major League Liberty podcast in 2016 and is the host of Liberty Monday.

Louie Huey

Host of Major League Liberty podcast. Colorado freedom fighter. Activist.Father.Libertarian Conservative. Anti Globalism. Liberty prevails!

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